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By email:

The preferred way to contact me is always email. My address is: toni /@/
I check it quite often, at least once a day. If you like, you can also use the online form below. If I ever have to change my address, for any reasons, I'll make sure the new one is available on this page.


By mail:

If you need to send me a paper letter or a physical item, my address is the following:

Antonio Cunei
INR 316 (Bâtiment INR)
Station 14
CH-1015 Lausanne



By telephone:

My office telephone number at EPFL is 021-693-7691. To call from out of Switzerland, dial your international dialing code (for example 00 from Europe) and then 41-21-6937691.



You can also contact me using instant messaging programs, using any of the following accounts:

Skype:   amicotoni
Yahoo:   amicotoni
ICQ:   54921534
AIM:   54921534
iChat:   54921534 (AIM)
gTalk:   amicotoni
msn:   amicotoni2<@>


You can also send me an email by using this form:

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