Frequently Asked Questions

  • Serious?

    Sure. Domain registration and web hosting can be rather cheap nowadays, so why not? (see: vanity domain)

  • Why is everything in English? Aren't you Italian?

    True. But on the other hand everyone who may possibly want to visit this site speaks English, either as a first or as a second language, so it is the logical choice. Having a multiple language site would probably be pointless.

  • Why do you spell your name "Toni" rather than "Tony"? Isn't that the feminine spelling?

    My first name is "Antonio", and in Italian that would be abbreviated to "Toni", a very common name for a man. You may find that other names are used in different languages for different genders. "Andrea" is another example (Andrea Bocelli, for instance, is obviously not a female tenor.)

  • How is your surname (Cunei) pronounced?

    It is fairly easy, actually: just pronounce it as "KOO-nay". The first part is like the "cu" in cushion, and the second part is like the "neigh" in neighbor/neighbour. There you have it! Result: 

  • Look at there! A spelling/logic/grammar error!

    What? Where? Let me know! I strive for perfection!

  • Who is hosting your website?

    It is hosted by

  • Nice design, where does it come from?

    It is a customized version of the Terrafirma design by NodeThirtyThree, available for free from

  • What is your favourite motto?

    "Never put the clouds of tomorrow over today's sun."